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Toilet Paper Exports To the US Increased Sharply In Early 2020

The United States (USA) is Vietnam’s largest export market, but it is also the most difficult market. Especially for consumer paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, multi-purpose paper,…) must have strict export standards. However, Paper World is one of the pioneering companies and meets the target of exporting toilet paper to the US. And revenue from exporting toilet paper to the US increased in early 2020, with no signs of cooling off.In particular, Toilet paper exports to the US is growing and showing signs of increasing.

Toilet paper exports to the US is growing

As a company founded in 2009, Paper World has gradually proven itself in the market. With annual sales of 40% coming from the international market, and 60% coming from the domestic market. Not stopping there, Paper World has selected large markets such as the US, Australia, Canada, Italy and France to export toilet paper. It is worth mentioning that sales from toilet paper exports to the US increased sharply in early 2020. Container ships carrying tons of toilet paper exported to the US continued to increase, according to the estimates, the revenue from exporting toilet paper Toilet paper exports to the US market have exceeded the target set by the end of 2019 by 20%.


By applying modern technology to the manufacturing process, at the same time the product testing process is rigorous. Paper World has produced products that meet international standards, and conquered the US market with those same products.

Along with that, to conquer a fastidious market like the US, in addition to satisfactory product quality. Paper World Joint Stock Company has reasonable price policies with the desire to cooperate with partners long-term.

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