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Pioneer Company Exporting Toilet Paper To Europe

Currently, at Paper World Joint Stock Company, more than ten containers of toilet paper are exported (toilet paper, paper towels, multi-purpose paper) to international markets: USA, Australia, Italy, France, Canada. , … and this number will continue to increase in the coming time. It is a private company that has been operating in the market for 11 years and Paper World is the first company to participate in exporting consumer paper products to international markets. At the same time, it is also a pioneer enterprise to exporting Toilet Paper to Europe

Pioneer company exporting toilet paper to Europe

According to statistics, Paper World is always in the top of the companies with the highest revenue in the same industry. With 40% of export revenue and 60% from the domestic market. Paper World has asserted itself in the market.
With the mission of bringing clean paper to everyone, Paper World has applied the most advanced technologies to the production process, and the raw materials for production are 100% virgin pulp, no bleaching and creating agents. incense.
Pioneer company exporting toilet paper to Europe
Pioneer company exporting toilet paper to Europe
That is why Paper World is always in the top companies with high revenue in the same industry, because Paper World always produces products of international standards. Bring consumer toilet paper products to major markets.
As one of the pioneering companies in the field of exporting toilet paper products, Paper World always ensures the quantity and quality of all products manufactured by itself. At the same time, Paper World also has the most reasonable price policy on the market, aiming to long-term cooperation with partners.

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